Monday, September 27, 2010

Allegiance on Death…موت پر بیت?

The night before he attacked on Spain, Tariq Bin Zyad, had a dream. He saw what he didn’t expect. He saw Muhammad (S.A.W) with companions, wearing his war dress, having a bare sword and asking Tariq, we are going to attack Spain, are you coming?. And this was the reason that made Tariq “Burn His boats”. The rock on which Tariq landed from his boat is still called “Gibralter”, the Jabl-ul-Tariq.

Ghazi Ilm Din Shaheed, when he was martyred, the English government denied to give his dead body. Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Mian Abdul Aziz companied to get his body back; Allama gave his assurance to the English government that no insurrection would erupt. The body was given back after 15 days of death and the color of shroud (Kafan) wasn’t changed. The body was in the same condition as of an alive man. He was intact.
During the battle of Yarmook when Muslims were close to lose the war against Byzantines, Hazrat Ikrama Bin Abu Jahal (r), the son of Abu Jahal, got off the battle field and asked, “(Arabic)Man yabayal Maut”, “who give me his allegiance to death”, “(urdu)Kon hai jo mere sath Maut per Bait keray”. He got 400 soldiers who changed the situation of the war and Muslims had a decisive victory.
A Muslim Doctor was kidnapped from Karachi Airport and sentenced an 86 years prison. The allegation was that she fired on American Soldiers; she fired the bullets that didn’t even make any of the US soldiers wounded.
The time has come to show the courage of Tariq. The time solicits us to show the nerve of Ghazi Ilm Din. The time implores us to illustrate the bravery of Ikrama(r). I today repeat the Sunnah of Ikrama and ask you all, “Man Yaba yal Maut?”, “Kon hai jo mere sath maut per baith keray?
Do we have some who give their allegiance (Bait) on death…Is there anyone who can bestow his life?


  1. yes we need that spirit of a true muslim and stand with integrity to secure our sovereignty.i suggest to start some solid campaign.

  2. Boy nice blog entry.. I just wanted to ask one question...Should we care for her even if she is a part of Al-Qaeda?? Just a random thought.. I am not commenting if she is innocent or not...

  3. @rana thanks for appreciation. what my point of view on if she is part of Al-Qaeda is that; who created Al-Qaeda, it wasn't u or me it was America. Lets say once that she supports Al-Qaeda practically and physically, than we must see that what US forces do in Afghanistan. What she has done is in accordance with simple Newton's third law.

    @waqas suggest something suggestion is to block the NATO supply route by a human wall...what say?

  4. mr. durrani! what you gonna do? blow yourself up in a crowded place?

    One more thing, when tariq attacks spain, he sees the Holy Prophet in his dream, which I confidently doubt that he did as my Prophet Muhammad is a messenger of peace not of tyranny and war, we like it so much that you have used it to arouse our religious sympathies towards afiya by putting it in this blogpost and have asked us to have the same 'spirit'; what do you say when Americans say whatever may happen (americans burning the boat) we are going to attack Iraq/Afghanistan?

    Last thing: if aafiya had remained a good muslim and had not joined the terrorists, dont you think she had served Muslims better when being a neuro scientist and passing the knowledge that she got from the 'bloody americans' to the next generation of muslims?

  5. @Asad

    You are apposing your point and agreeing to the fact that US has done the right thing by convicting her. If she has applied your newton third law, then Americans have every right to do what they have done.

  6. @Mansoor I appreciate your thoughts, what you have written and the contemplation of piece in your writing... Let me answer your questions

    I am not gonna blow my self up, No body should. What I want to do is to awake myself and my friends from this long sleep and stop this 'alaap' of so called peace.
    As far as the event of Tariq is concerned, I dont say this but history does, and you can refer to any history written on Tariq.

    Third I don't say that Muhammad (S.A.W) was messenger of Peace and war but you should keep in mind that the he, himself, was present in "Badar", "Uhad", "Khandaq", "Tabook" and so many others. And to clear you thoughts more the History of "Badar" is written in Quran which I can't doubt. Its the time and situation which decides either war is better or the piece talks.

    The last point that you raised about Afia, I would like to ask, what is the word "Good Muslim" means to you. I am strongly disappointed to know that we are not believing the written history, the established history, the proven history but what said by American media.

    I strongly feel that she would have served better if she had remained a "Good Muslim(according to you :p)" by passing her knowledge but who say that she was not a "Good Muslim (Again according to you)"?? The American Court? that failed to produce just one proof against her??

  7. @Rana I doubt she had done what she is convicted for...I again say what I said earlier its not you and me who created Al-Qaeda, its the US. My point here is not to fire up the sentiments of people but to make us all realize that we are one and we should be one. The divisions in ourselves is the only reason of out failure.

  8. @asad

    If you know, Dr. Afia took divorced and got married to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's nephew (Khalid Sheikh was arrested by ISI in 2003 from Pakistan) who was the Mastermind of 9/11 (according to US officials). Whether Al-Qaida is the American funded or made, or all the 9/11 was an inside job, it is clear that she was in contact with Al-Quaida's officials and she has been in Afghanistan for some time as well.

  9. so this justify to convict her an 86 years prison?

  10. She was arrested because of her connections with Mastermind of 9/11 and sent to the super powers..Now when she was in their custody they can do any thing to her..Its their country, their courts..why you are giving them a chance to convict you..

    I am against American presence in Afghanistan, against drone attacks in Waziristan..i consider the TTP as American funded organization, i respect the fact that Afghanis are fighting for liberation/self defence/self survival/protection of their motherland.. but the point is if they are our enemies, label them as enemy. dont be labelled ourselves as the strongest Ally against war on terrorism. You cant be "Adha Teeter adha batair". Choose one side. When you are an ally, you are supposed to send every one who is favoring terrorism (according to American definition). when we send our people, they can do anything they want. Dont cry on it now...

  11. yes you have reached to my point ur self. This exactly what I want. Close the supply route of NATO. And then wait for what they do? They are not gonna do anything...They ll just escape from Afghanistan...

    Secondly, my point is that lets say she had connections with all these people,hypothetically, even then she could have been a punishment within Pakistan. You don't sell your citizens like this. Its us who are sleeping not U.S

  12. @asad

    Are you serious??? Can you do that?? Your country is surviving on IMF's plan, your corrupt government are looking for more loans and you are saying to cut the supply lines. Advise any feasible line of action..both of us know that this is not possible until we have some workable plans to run our own finances.

  13. Yes I’m 100% serious
    For this I’ll tell you an event I read tomorrow in an article in Express by Abdul Qadir is the article

    im not sending the link but sending an image as I have highlighted the part I want you to read.

    This article was more related to faith which we, including me and you, have lost today so lets put our weak faith aside and talk on fact and figures.

    The total cash that Pakistan had in 1947 was 200 million rupees while today it is 14.48 billion dollars. Even if you include any inflation rate, the growth rate has been good especially in Ayub's time (Don’t give me argument of 22 families, I know it). GDP growth is also very encouraging i.e. $ 3.71 Billion to $ 167 Billion. We are in a better position economically, as compared to that in 1947. We did survive that time why wouldn’t we do now?

    Now come to our existence without IMF's program

    One of the largest Gold, Copper Mine in RecoDig, Gawadar Port, Karachi Port, and Wheat Production are more than enough to make Pakistan economy flourish for a long time. It’s the dignity and the character that makes a nation survive not the IMF's Plan

    I suggest you a link and this is not by Zaid Hamid :P
    It’s by Washington Post about the RecoDig Gold, Copper Mine

    And my final point, I don’t say that it’s the only solution that we have. It’s one of the many possible solutions. If you have any better, just propose :)

  14. Nice post. But why do we Muslims only talk about DEATH whenever it comes to Islam? Either we try to kill someone or we wanted to be killed (Shaheed)?